The majority of living beings in the world go through a growing and learning process in which someone else teaches them how to do several things. If you look at humans, when we are children, our parents teach us specific behaviors and how to accomplish our obligations. If you see animals, their parents teach them how to hunt, survive, and defend themselves. We can find the same connection with Artificial Intelligence, and there will always be someone teaching or submitting information.

I can explain the evolution of Artificial intelligence through faces. The first face consists of teaching the robots to do the best possible specific task. For example, if you want them to learn how to work in customer service, they are going to obtain the information from a group of people who are actually offering that service, and they are going to absorb all their knowledge to store it in the neural network of the robot, meaning its brain. The second face will be to expand their capacity of doing more than one task, which is the objective of Artificial Intelligence in the long term and its whole purpose of existing.

What AI developers seek from Artificial Intelligence is to simulate how the learning process works in a human brain. You train them to do a specific task, and once they have done it correctly, they receive a reward. The same happens with human beings. When someone teaches us how to do a certain activity and do it how it is supposed to be done, they reward us for knowing that it is the correct way to do it. The same way happens with Artificial Intelligence. You give them rewards to keep them motivated to reach the goal: doing their tasks the best way possible, and in case they do it wrong, the programmers teach them the correct way to do it so that they can try it again. This is a try and error cycle in which it keeps repeating itself until it accomplishes the answer expected. This process takes a lot of time, but practice, perseverance, and meticulousness are key to make this job perfect and worth it.


It is essential to highlight that what is crucial when the programmers teach these robots will be the data they will store into their neural network because they are not going to have the notion of determining what is good or what is bad. This happens with human beings too. We know how to differentiate between good or bad because our parents taught us how to with experiences, examples, and talks. It’s the same with Artificial Intelligence. They will learn what the creators want them to learn, and their purpose is to be the best on those tasks.

Some people are afraid of our future with this advanced technology. They ask themselves if we will be safe in a world with robots educated to overcome human intelligence. But we need to understand that their behavior doesn’t depend on them but on their creators and the information they want them to store. There is no point in between, and Artificial Intelligence will learn the information the programmers filter them with. Besides, there will be one point in which the computer will need a human being because their knowledge is not infinite… Or at least for now.