Not since the sexual revolution of the 1960s has the US experienced such a massive transformation in its perception of sexuality. Today’s change is driven by the acceptance of non-traditional sexual activities and relationships. Changing family structure, fewer families having children, awareness and acceptance of the LGBT community, and independent women are all bringing about a new sexual liberation.

The ease of online ordering sex devices with a variety and abundance of eCommerce shops is leading growth in the sex industry, which is a $15 Billion industry in the US and expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.91% to a $50 billion market segment in 2020. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacting virtually all growth industries, the sex industry is a no different.

In a Forbes interview from 2016, How The ‘Niche’ Sex Toy Market Grew Into An Unstoppable $15B Industry, founders of the AMNE (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) were asked, among other things, What technological advancements have been key to the industry’s success? If you read the article, you’ll see that 2 ½ years ago AI wasn’t even a mention in the “Technology” conversation. The focus of the conversation was on eCommerce, with mention of manufacturing processes, better components (such as batteries), and marketing via social media. Today, AI is a valuable component in new sex product developments.

So, how does AI heighten the performance of sex toys?

A device that uses machine learning can transform a sexual experience. Algorithms gather data to change how the product works in various situations. Simply put, AI provides a better user experience. Imagine that an AI toy can know your mood, what turns you on, and how to read your reactions, all from previous experiences. As time progresses, the experience improves.

The general contention across all industries that AI will replace humans is particularly interesting in the sex industry: As sex dolls become more “human,” will people prefer them over a living sexual partner?

What will drive AI success in sex toys is the ability to adapt to a person’s needs and wants without their need to ask. An AI sex partner will use machine learning to perform the user’s favorite activities. To program a sex product to go on the market, it takes hours of studying video porn. The goal of its algorithm will be to make people feel as if they’re having a human-partner sexual experience.

Here are some AI products available in the sex industry today.

Samantha the sex doll has sensors in her hands, face, breasts, and vagina, giving her sensory feelings for fondling and kissing foreplay. Samantha also can converse on a variety of subjects, and not just sex topics.

Realbotix released a super-advanced ‘sexbot,’ RealDoll X in April 2018 with 50 preorders at $12,000 each. She has surreal human features, and it’s rumored that she achieves orgasm during sex. She remembers her partners favorite food, movie and birthday. She can take on any desired persona, such as shyness, moody, happy and funny, or even poetic. Stay tuned for Henry, the first male sexbot.

The Lionessis a vibrator that uses force sensors, temperature, and accelerometers and gyroscopes to gather information on it’s human user’s orgasm. This data can be reverse-engineered, allowing the Lioness to improve performance.

Teledildonics, has been around since the 1970s. These interactive long-distance sex devices allow users to physically stimulate one another remotely. The OSE vibrator has added AI functionality to provide biofeedback.

What’s in the future for AI sex toys? As with all industries making advancements with AI, the possibilities are pretty much limitless. As far as performance goes, users will have to allow their AI-toy to go through a “learning curve” that will allow them to perform to perfection.