According to the dictionary, intelligence “Is the faculty of the mind that allows us to learn, understand, reason, make decisions and form a certain idea of reality.” Still, the difference between “human intelligence” and “artificial intelligence” is that the latter is assigned to a series of technologies with characteristics or capabilities previously exclusive to the human intellect. Artificial Intelligence refers to a machine that imitates the cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as learning, solving problems, creativity, etc.

However, recurring questions arise. How should we prepare ourselves for artificial intelligence? We all know that jobs have been evolving throughout history. Therefore, most of these jobs will continue to change or disappear in the future. Practically, the future will be characterized by how to teach computers to make better decisions instead of making them.

But… Could artificial intelligence be a threat to humanity? Those who don’t adapt, or don’t see AI as a priority, would say that it is a threat. On the contrary, Artificial Intelligence helps us complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. This is not going to be something that will happen immediately, but something that will happen little by little as it has happened throughout time.

The objective of this page is to keep the people informed and updated on the new Artificial Intelligence industry/revolution and help them in different ways to know how to adapt and open their eyes and mind to a new and more efficient world full of possibilities, more democratize and connected where anybody from anywhere, with different skill sets and professions, can participate.

My goal is to introduce you to this whole new technology era, learning how to take advantage of it, and most important, how to use it as your ally.