Impact of AI on Healthcare

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into healthcare has transformed the landscape of medical treatment and patient care. As we delve into this insightful exploration, it's imperative to acknowledge the diverse healthcare systems globally, and the unified goal to enhance patient outcomes. This article aims to inform medical professionals and health enthusiasts about the significant role AI plays in modern healthcare, underscoring the importance of patient privacy and ethical considerations.

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AI Tools That Can Help You Monitor and Improve Your Health

Dec 16

Technology continues to develop to help us in all kinds of ways. I encourage you to take a closer look at your health now so you can live a long, healthy life.

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How AI Can Help Improve Our Health

Nov 11

There are all types of AI gadgets on the market that can help us live healthier, from smartwatches that track our steps, calorie burn, and activity levels to meditation devices that change the intensity of their soundscapes based on our brainwaves.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Bring Human Care Back to Medicine?

Mar 05

Here’s an all too familiar doctor visit scenario: You arrive early to fill out a short-novel-length amount of paperwork. You’re ushered into an exam room, where a PA or Medical Assistant asks the reason for today’s visit and have there been any changes to your health or medications? Next, your doctor (or PA) walks into the exam room, sits at a computer — often with their back to you — and asks more questions while typing in your responses and their related notes. In just a few minutes, you’re sent off with a new medication to try or a procedure to have done.

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